linkbudIRC bot that generates a list of links that are submitted by users 28 hours
lolStatic website generator in Chicken Scheme (in progress) 29 hours
spPaste tool written in Chicken Scheme 42 hours
dotfilesConfigurations for tools I use 43 hours
work.m455.casaSource code for 8 days
m455.casaSource code for 8 days
ruthIRC bot for 3 weeks
pretty.vimHandpicked Vim colorscheme, using only preferred groups and cterm color names 8 weeks
weblogBare-bones blog generator in C (in progress) 6 months
txt2aes-cC program to convert narrow-width text to full-width text 6 months
dogIRC dog that does mysterious things 6 months
c-extra-syntax.vimExtra syntax highlighting for C code 6 months
sunsetRelaxing orange, red, and yellow-focused colorscheme for Vim 6 months
fpastePaste tool written in Fennel 9 months
fennel.vimFennel syntax highlighting 9 months
gwmStatic website generator written in Go (unfinished) 10 months
monoMonochrome colorscheme for Vim 11 months
sproutRSS-only blog management tool 14 months
rodoTodo-list for the command line 15 months
nicethingsDecentralized program for cheering people up on shared Linux servers 15 months
irc-bot-for-willIRC bot skeleton in Racket for Will Sinatra 15 months
toombaA terminal screensaver 17 months
get-outText adventure horror game in Fennel (in progress) 17 months
wgStatic website generator written in Fennel 17 months
ffsFile system utilities for Fennel 17 months
praintFennel library for printing colors to the terminal 18 months
poolboiIRC bot that creates an RSS log of channel topic changes 18 months
rss-for-willRSS feed generator for Will Sinatra 19 months
faCommand-line agenda written in Fennel 19 months
cryptopals-notebookSolutions and attempts for 23 months
pancakeStatic website generator in Racket 24 months
charlieIRC bot in Chicken scheme, with very bad parsing code 24 months
nancyANSI escape code library in Racket for printing colours and clearing the screen 2 years
fruitwarsFruit-themed version of the classic Dope Wars game (unfinished) 2 years
blobPet blob for the command line (unfinished) 2 years
codacGet Covid-19 stats by country on the command line 2 years
scribble-workshopWorkshop on Scribble for WriteTheDocs 2 years
beatriceStand-up bot in Clojure for Slack 2 years
exploreText adventure game where you explore a planet that you are stranded on (unfinished) 2 years
starfieldFlying stars in your terminal (lumo Clojurescript) 2 years
hyrbTranslation of my emfor bot (Python to Hy) 4 years
emforMy very first IRC bot. Bad code and all :D 5 years
hal9000IRC bot in Python that acts like hal9000 from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" 5 years
plightAdjust screen brightness from the command line 5 years
txt2aesConvert text to vaporwave text 5 years