dotfilesMy settings and configurations for some tools I use 13 hours
m455.casaThe source code for 8 days
work.m455.casaThe source code for 3 weeks
fpasteA paste tool written in Fennel 5 weeks
sproutA tool for managing an informal, RSS-only blog 7 weeks
nicethingsA program to cheer people up on shared Unix servers 7 weeks
rodoA todo-list program for the command line 7 weeks
wgA static website generator written in Fennel 7 weeks
faA command-line agenda written in Fennel 8 weeks
weblogA bare-bones blog generator in C (in progress) 9 weeks
ruthMy beloved IRC bot in Racket 5 months
poolboiAn IRC bot that creates an RSS log of channel topic changes 5 months
dogAn IRC dog that does mysterious things 8 months
praintTerminal colour-printing utilities for Fennel 8 months
ffsFile system utilities for Fennel 8 months
get-outA text adventure game in Fennel (in progress) 9 months
scribble-workshopA workshop on Scribble for WriteTheDocs 9 months