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2022-05-09Updated docs and added a checksum!HEADmainJesse Laprade
2022-01-24Added colors, and the option to disable them as wellJesse Laprade
2022-01-24okay, ACTUALLY fixed it this timeJesse Laprade
2022-01-24fixed angled brackets that disappearedJesse Laprade
2022-01-24Replaced appended string with a multi-line string literalJesse Laprade
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2022-01-05Added help message to sync command if sp hasn't been initialized yet. repetit...Jesse Laprade
2022-01-05wrote out the acronym in the readme, so people know what the heck 'sp' stands...Jesse Laprade
2022-01-05removed the 'in progress' notice :DJesse Laprade
2022-01-05done version! lmaoJesse Laprade