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mainReplaced configuration system with built-in Scheme procedures!Jesse Laprade3 weeks
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2022-05-09Replaced configuration system with built-in Scheme procedures!HEADmainJesse Laprade
2021-04-18Removed repetitive code!Jesse Laprade
2021-04-17Separated raco pkg install in makefileJesse Laprade
2021-04-17Added config file generation during setup!Jesse Laprade
2021-04-17have sprout setup from a configZach Mandeville
2021-04-17add make instruction for Mac systemsZach Mandeville
2021-04-13simplified structure of repoJesse Laprade
2021-04-13fixed a typo and changed some wordingJesse Laprade
2021-04-13added a requirements sectionJesse Laprade
2021-04-13blahJesse Laprade