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mainfixed urlsJesse Laprade7 weeks
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2021-10-12fixed urlsHEADmainJesse Laprade
2021-10-12Fixed clone protocolJesse Laprade
2021-05-16cleaned up structure of readme a bitJesse Laprade
2021-05-16removed period from heading names, because vim's markdown-toc plugin doesn't ...Jesse Laprade
2021-05-16Improved readme and made the config file a little easier to parse with your eyesJesse Laprade
2021-04-20fixed readme formatting issueJesse Laprade
2021-04-20Replaced configuration system with built-in Scheme procedures!Jesse Laprade
2021-04-18Removed repetitive code!Jesse Laprade
2021-04-17Separated raco pkg install in makefileJesse Laprade
2021-04-17Added config file generation during setup!Jesse Laprade