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mainfixed readme formatting lolJesse Laprade5 months
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2021-07-16fixed readme formatting lolHEADmainJesse Laprade
2021-03-31woopsJesse Laprade
2021-03-31fixed up a teeny tiny thingJesse Laprade
2021-03-30Added SSL and password support!Jesse Laprade
2021-03-24changed let binding nameJesse Laprade
2021-03-22Removed testing lines from config.rktJesse Laprade
2021-03-22Rewrite irc message parser!Jesse Laprade
2021-03-22wrote channel and message gettersJesse Laprade
2021-03-21WIP: Now parses nicknames and usernames in a cleaner and more organized wayJesse Laprade
2021-03-09updated readme to point to ruth's commandsJesse Laprade