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convert narrow-width text to wide-width text.

compiling txt2aes-c

after compilation, a static binary called txt2aes is created in the current directory.

to compile txt2aes, run make.

installing txt2aes-c

by default, txt2aes-c is installed in ~/.local/bin.

to install txt2aes, run make install.

installing txt2aes-c into a custom directory

set the DEST variable to a custom directory.

to install txt2aes-c into a customer directory, run make install DEST=</path/to/directory>.

for example, if you want to install txt2aes-c into /usr/local/bin, then run make install DEST=/usr/local/bin.


./txt2aes help
=> todo: i haven't made a help message yet lol

./txt2aes "hey there."
=> hey there.