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Date Ref Log Author
2024-06-03 b451880 fix fennel highlighting m455
2024-06-02 2019662 added customizable variable, updated readme, refactored things into for loops m455
2023-06-09 552b703 added grey highlighting to Type m455
2023-05-01 608caf8 updated screenshot m455
2023-05-01 d9c47a1 added colors for scheme data, quotes, and quasiquotes m455
2023-04-19 db6416f added pmenu m455
2023-04-15 9dfcc97 made escaped strings grey in fennel m455
2023-03-30 33500d6 fixed incorrect highlighting rule m455
2023-03-30 10c3e22 support for colorcolum m455
2023-03-25 0d9c35e add clojure support m455
2023-03-25 c64e313 added support for other syntax m455
2023-03-23 c7c1732 small shoutout edit m455
2023-03-23 2afbbf2 fixed readme codeblocks m455
2023-03-23 7f2885b first commit m455