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Date Ref Log Author
2024-07-10 4a3ff75 apply elly's tip about returning 0 or -1 for pairs_in_file function m455
2024-07-09 71bc66b remove unnecessary free() in failed malloc m455
2024-07-09 cdb1163 replace something with str_dup! woot m455
2024-07-08 d29e873 comments adjustments m455
2024-07-08 15fdb12 Merge branch 'dynamic-array-of-structs-experiments' m455
2024-07-08 b7ef38d add reminders as to why i did the initializations in the first place, because i actually forgot last time m455
2024-07-08 90d0b76 remove unneded buffer initializations (only needed them for strcat, because it expects a nul character to be inside of the string) m455
2024-07-08 c4d4f91 add error checking and explicit null check in str_dup m455
2024-07-07 93e9473 wip m455
2024-07-06 854614a fix rendering of codeblocks in repo2html (uses old style indentation in markdown) m455
2024-07-06 1b5a570 name change m455
2024-06-27 cfaac86 i cannot for the life of me figure out how to free an array of structs properly lol m455
2024-06-27 48e5811 wip m455
2024-06-27 015c8c6 test m455
2024-06-24 d943928 added a really really bad template file-populating function lol m455
2024-06-24 c05dba2 readme changes m455
2024-06-24 c7e69df makefile changes m455
2024-06-20 d8e0831 changed variable name and reformatted lines accordingly m455
2024-06-20 4c0bffa replace strncat with strcat, and strncpy with strcpy where it it does the same thing as setting the bound/limiting parameter to str(source) + 1 (at least from my understanding lol) m455
2024-06-20 efa2b4a clang-ified my makefile and removed splint related comments from source code m455
2024-06-17 43e9978 woo removed a malloc that i added originally because splint was yelling at me, and used string constants instead m455
2024-06-17 53cd87f change for loop to strncpy; change some void puts into perrors m455
2024-06-17 db0aa60 remove some slightly redundant stuff m455
2024-06-17 316f25f more comment adjustments. i htink i like this way better?? m455
2024-06-17 ea056b3 added function that takes a char and returns a string with the escaped character as an html entity m455
2024-06-17 ec937a0 clarify some stuff in my big ass comment lol m455
2024-06-17 a6c2641 comments cleanup m455
2024-06-17 6861aa9 replaced some more for loops that could be replaced by strncats and wrote myself some learning notes m455
2024-06-17 0325351 make function names consistent m455
2024-06-17 5053665 str_format function made! now to attempt ot make one that takes a list of find and replace values, if i get in the mood to lol m455
2024-06-16 650e05c readme update m455
2024-06-16 53409a2 added makefile checks for out of memory access, memory leaks, and undefined behaviour. replaced some for loops with strcat (strncat specifically), now that i know how it overwrites the last nul character at the end and then appends one automatically after m455
2024-06-14 1b7967b makefile adjustments and an html string escaper! m455
2024-06-14 32a6672 makefile adjustments m455
2024-06-14 2a03ddd comment adjustments and minor readme changes m455
2024-06-14 890fa54 makefile flag changes and added more strict flags and gcc -fanalyzer lol m455
2024-06-13 f0974a0 fix headings m455
2024-06-13 729e0bd first commit m455