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Date Ref Log Author
2022-01-11 f398fa1 removed features, because i'm too lazy to list all of the characters supported Jesse Laprade
2022-01-11 bdcb8ea added maximum characters I could add lol Jesse Laprade
2022-01-11 0029ed7 added a help message Jesse Laprade
2022-01-11 abe4a77 updated readme, so it reads a little easier for second language speakers Jesse Laprade
2022-01-11 4dfcd88 Updated documentation and created a makefile Jesse Laprade
2022-01-09 469076f moved vaporwaveify functionality into vaporwaveify lol Jesse Laprade
2022-01-04 7e4d174 i think i fixed the seg faulting? lol Jesse Laprade
2022-01-04 964ad31 okay, turns out double exclamation marks and some of the other ascii characters above the numbers on your keyboard are shell-specific behaviour, and not my program. yay! Jesse Laprade
2022-01-03 e077a46 progress, but it doesn't handle multiple exclamation marks very well Jesse Laprade
2022-01-03 268af4b lol Jesse Laprade