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Date Ref Log Author
2023-04-06 3d4d6eb fixed typo m455
2022-08-25 b55dc0d decapitalized message Jesse Laprade
2022-08-25 cc6987b fixed a little bug Jesse Laprade
2022-08-25 b63b93b heck yes to errors and checking if files being deleted are in the paste directory Jesse Laprade
2022-08-24 8851e88 added support for removing files from your paste directory Jesse Laprade
2022-08-09 43e4247 fixed issue where it would say things were uploaded while they were still uploading Jesse Laprade
2022-08-06 5d93d5b made things less verbose Jesse Laprade
2022-06-30 ddcb375 fixed makefile Jesse Laprade
2022-06-09 6e6d503 fixed makefile so it works on mac Jesse Laprade
2022-01-30 2292f3a Updated docs and added a checksum! Jesse Laprade
2022-01-24 e28da22 Added colors, and the option to disable them as well Jesse Laprade
2022-01-24 e127c23 okay, ACTUALLY fixed it this time Jesse Laprade
2022-01-24 77fc61a fixed angled brackets that disappeared Jesse Laprade
2022-01-24 2a272f8 Replaced appended string with a multi-line string literal Jesse Laprade
2022-01-16 9b69353 converted to readme.txt Jesse Laprade
2022-01-05 224c30e Added help message to sync command if sp hasn't been initialized yet. repetitive, but i'll get around to removing repetitive code lol Jesse Laprade
2022-01-05 f217620 wrote out the acronym in the readme, so people know what the heck 'sp' stands for Jesse Laprade
2022-01-05 d28c4c6 removed the 'in progress' notice :D Jesse Laprade
2022-01-05 6548c13 done version! lmao Jesse Laprade
2022-01-03 07996da Changed the way I read the config file Jesse Laprade
2022-01-01 a0521f5 Refactors, unhardcoding, new messages Jesse Laprade
2022-01-01 50232ce can now handle file extensions! now i just need to implement the copying, permission changing, and uploading of files Jesse Laprade
2021-12-30 02254ed started working towards actual paste functions lol Jesse Laprade
2021-12-29 bfee063 yet another consistency edit for the readme Jesse Laprade
2021-12-29 e3f4796 slight readme edit for consistency Jesse Laprade
2021-12-29 74a4947 edited readme Jesse Laprade
2021-12-29 47de0b5 Added a readme.txt Jesse Laprade
2021-12-29 5628a25 First comment Jesse Laprade