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Date Ref Log Author
2023-02-26 c450eba update README Michael F. Lamb
2023-02-26 0eba832 fix what i broke in previous commit. also fix docker building Michael F. Lamb
2023-02-23 2cd9bf5 add *.import.scm that are generated by csi, so user doesn't have to pho4cexa
2023-02-23 5bf477a Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/main' pho4cexa
2023-02-23 f05e393 maybe let's not have the complexity of a DIR_BUILD pho4cexa
2023-02-23 f68eaea forgot this fix pho4cexa
2023-02-23 e039c29 don't break on empty file in ISSUES/ pho4cexa
2023-02-05 c6acfbb don't complain if .link file doesn't exist pho4cexa
2023-02-05 54a2a0f move git-calling procedures to a separate module pho4cexa
2023-02-04 c943210 minor improvements to modular compilation pho4cexa
2023-02-04 936a37b viable first brush at breaking code into modules pho4cexa
2023-02-04 190b6f8 removed line numbers issue :D m455
2023-02-04 33a9af5 missed hrs... :facepalm: m455
2023-02-04 765d2d0 css update: okay i think i'm happy with the default dark theme now. made the link color less jarring m455
2023-02-04 3d17ca5 one more (hopefully?) css tweak, since i find the black/white contrast causes my eyes to blur haha m455
2023-02-04 f05825d css font adjustments for readability. also separated css rules that had more than one rule into multiple lines for readability m455
2023-02-03 883efa9 okay i made it slightly more cute. i couldn't help myself m455
2023-02-03 9098d8e Made default template a little more reasonable and added support for dark themes too m455
2023-02-03 758352c adjusted active line highlighting m455
2023-02-03 c1a4ecc fixed an inconsistency that i added by accident that was bothering me lol m455
2023-02-03 52682b1 updated default css m455
2023-02-02 5c7d1fd implemented numbered lines m455
2023-02-01 d676745 Merge branch 'main' of git:// pho4cexa
2023-02-01 0a9518c Fixed a bug that broke links to files if a readme wasn't present m455
2023-02-01 c472cc4 handle both (@ (src "foo")) and (@ (src ("foo"))) pho4cexa
2023-02-01 db64dfb quote source-file so it doesn't break when it has spaces in. tidy issues. pho4cexa
2023-02-01 64aa954 move issues into ISSUES/ ; shorten readme pho4cexa
2023-01-16 12790c8 ah finally fixed the image prefix for index.html thing pho4cexa
2023-01-15 e6d77be adjust relative urls for img src too pho4cexa
2023-01-08 1c5b636 note some feature requests pho4cexa
2023-01-08 7ab0b3e add to readme: all predefined template variables pho4cexa
2023-01-08 b26b6ee bit more in the readme about new template variables pho4cexa
2023-01-08 0eece2a improved template variables for working with ForgeRoot pho4cexa
2023-01-08 8384890 attempt at consistent environment/git config pho4cexa
2023-01-07 6f93a9d bugfix: apply relative link html/ prefix and .html suffix correctly pho4cexa
2023-01-07 a49e569 don't manually append .html in markdown pho4cexa
2022-12-27 2348730 repair bugs in alist-update-in pho4cexa
2022-12-26 80a8dbb remove manual html/ prefix pho4cexa
2022-12-26 5fe0042 whoops! commit f1c42b4 broke the link prefix thing. fixed. pho4cexa
2022-12-26 e411b57 oops paren pho4cexa
2022-12-26 57fcccc distinguish between repo name and repo path pho4cexa
2022-12-26 f1c42b4 move the decision about where to render the filename into the template pho4cexa
2022-12-26 e248709 add some links and todos to readme pho4cexa
2022-12-26 629e373 only permalink-ify those that have links to interior ids pho4cexa
2022-12-25 206984b pull the relative-link-adjustment rule into a procedure pho4cexa
2022-12-25 31b11de update-in and ref-in (takes a path of keys) for nested alists pho4cexa
2022-12-25 17ce856 add ¶ markers on hover on titles to make it easier to grab the permalink pho4cexa
2022-12-25 fbc6c6c today i learned cute/cut (srfi-26, built in to chicken) for sorta-currying pho4cexa
2022-12-22 696ed31 whoops, don't prefix links to same-document anchors either pho4cexa
2022-12-22 6536af1 put message about docker image after docker build, before compile pho4cexa
2022-12-22 505192d bugfix: only prepend 'html/' to relative links pho4cexa
2022-12-22 5e9e713 Merge branch 'main' of git:// pho4cexa
2022-12-22 afe41bc auto-prepend html/ in links in toplevel readme, remove tag from id of headers pho4cexa
2022-12-20 3656ea4 small tutorial fix m455
2022-12-20 d66ff63 hmm it doesn't work again lol m455
2022-12-20 d210d06 small wording edit m455
2022-12-20 a063ba3 fixed a small nit in the requirements m455
2022-12-20 b6097a7 hmm lets try to fix that link again... m455
2022-12-20 ef34d55 prefixed 'html/' to tutorial link. fixed line lengths m455
2022-12-20 15aaf2b more typos fixed m455
2022-12-20 7b5aab8 fixed typo in docs m455
2022-12-20 907516d Updated documentation and cleaned up directory tree m455
2022-12-18 031f975 keep the docker image around for quicker compiles the next time pho4cexa
2022-12-18 917788e remove some env vars; make output land in html/ pho4cexa
2022-12-18 bd18246 sxml templates baleeted! pho4cexa
2022-12-16 71a56a8 add janky makefile target to build for glibc-2.31+ pho4cexa
2022-12-16 07f30a1 added ersatz dependency to makefile m455
2022-12-16 146ce5a whoops forgot relative_root in the ersatz template pho4cexa
2022-12-16 35496ee enable customizable jinja-like templates via ersatz! pho4cexa
2022-12-16 1209725 use chicken-specific extensions for less code pho4cexa
2022-12-14 f433a6b Added a ' - <repo-name>' to the title of html documents, so tabs in web browsers have a unique name m455
2022-12-13 f4f8773 bugfix: only do string transforms on strings not chars pho4cexa
2022-12-13 179f3c3 bugfix: css selector nav a {} is scss (// nav a) pho4cexa
2022-12-13 dc30b19 added new dependencies to readme and makefile m455
2022-12-13 6cb6536 typo pho4cexa
2022-12-13 609d9e1 header id-ification improvement and other cleanup pho4cexa
2022-12-13 5dbecc4 add css dep to makefile pho4cexa
2022-12-12 8fb9271 what if we sexp'd the css too pho4cexa
2022-12-12 f315cd9 assign ids to html headers pho4cexa
2022-12-12 f0a0e1e added new dependency to makefile and readme m455
2022-12-12 37ef292 add a rule to handle #<unspecified> in sxml trees pho4cexa
2022-12-12 c0fcd0b don't output #<unspecified> to html pho4cexa
2022-12-12 920707f implemented (very basic) issues list according to m455 spec pho4cexa
2022-12-12 fa65d5b add some data for issue tracker pho4cexa
2022-12-11 5f03520 a little footer pho4cexa
2022-12-11 d59f70c what if we went all-in on sxml? pho4cexa
2022-12-11 a916af2 attempt to better conform to m455's styleguide pho4cexa
2022-12-10 ab24189 deduplicate, reorganize some utility functions, inline docs pho4cexa
2022-12-09 75b7406 implement commit log! also, tabulate contributors pho4cexa
2022-12-09 fecd7af map e-mail addresses to canonical names! pho4cexa
2022-12-09 d106bf4 detect (er, ask git) if files are text or binary (ty m455 & acdw!) pho4cexa
2022-12-09 a97c673 simplify main readme by moving "git forge" specifics elsewhere pho4cexa
2022-12-09 335a444 fix md formatting for nested uls pho4cexa
2022-12-09 626a84a check file existence in source-files-list not cwd pho4cexa
2022-12-08 c645880 feature: license nav link, optional about nav link pho4cexa
2022-12-08 b82ee05 fixed unclosed inline code character m455
2022-12-08 3f7baeb added a quickstart m455
2022-12-08 65f2c7f made todos and hopes types more distinguishable from the proceeding phrase m455
2022-12-08 765d1b9 fixed codeblock rendering m455
2022-12-08 1927685 added a kind of end-to-end example of how to set everything up m455
2022-12-08 f6cd8f3 get relative nav links working pho4cexa
2022-12-07 363ed99 woops m455
2022-12-07 07e73e4 Changed absolute image paths back to relative paths, since everything else is using a relative path m455
2022-12-07 4bc524d Changed file source image view path to absolute path m455
2022-12-07 7dbf2fb Fixed rendering issues m455
2022-12-07 0b86b00 no-op cleanup pho4cexa
2022-12-07 3833395 handle markdown parser errors, (some) binary files pho4cexa
2022-12-07 cbb8b3e fix a type check that only csc catches pho4cexa
2022-12-07 31f8ab2 whoops typo'd the path to the directory to create pho4cexa
2022-12-07 85c2515 don't fail build if build directory exists pho4cexa
2022-12-07 66f1105 don't call (main) twice when running uncompiled pho4cexa
2022-12-07 954f411 updated description and features m455
2022-12-07 2628ce3 small under-construction notes lol m455
2022-12-07 a67a265 Fixed environment variables and removed WEB-DIRECTORY environment variable m455
2022-12-07 c4239e4 quick notes and updates added to readme, minor makefile changes m455
2022-12-07 50bbb36 massive changes incl. support for images, markdown pho4cexa
2022-12-06 1a3b8b1 undo logic specific to use as git hook, for now pho4cexa
2022-12-06 57f8535 removed some out-of-scope sections m455
2022-12-04 42d1fab move common line outside conditional for d.r.y. pho4cexa
2022-12-04 c69fe33 generate a simple contributors file pho4cexa
2022-12-04 f09f679 mark main.scm executable for use without compile pho4cexa
2022-12-04 b3719a0 build html only when HEAD branch changes; cleanup: pho4cexa
2022-12-04 aac42ed simplify redundant (if COND #t #f) pho4cexa
2022-12-04 58bd6a1 add shebang line so we can use without compilation pho4cexa
2022-12-04 90cd48e small wording edit m455
2022-12-04 ea242d5 small tweak to quickstart section m455
2022-12-04 fa8eb2d updated readme m455
2022-12-04 c014aef expanded on the todos section m455
2022-12-04 9e10d3a added license :) m455
2022-12-04 3f2f056 updated readme m455
2022-12-03 b9c3c29 made inline code pink as well m455
2022-12-02 76b1271 renamed some functions m455
2022-12-02 0216eac cleaned up main.scm m455
2022-12-02 1165ba3 html templating using ml string w/expressions pho4cexa
2022-12-02 663be9e simplify capture of env vars with defaults pho4cexa
2022-12-02 f2351eb combined two sections into one m455
2022-12-02 37304ab changed description m455
2022-12-02 0bf49e0 removed mysterious .gitignore.html lol m455
2022-12-02 403fd36 docs: updated requirements m455
2022-12-02 0146087 fixed codeblock in readme m455
2022-12-02 57859b3 lightened shade of the default pink m455
2022-12-02 32c540a first commit m455