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Date Ref Log Author
2024-06-14 05bb52e updated readme m455
2024-06-14 196c74c new makefile m455
2024-05-14 11c30b6 extra check i forgot to add lol m455
2024-05-14 e3e163c makefile comments for possible future stuff and better html 'template' m455
2024-05-02 b1bb224 added extra checks to block elements m455
2024-05-02 77b4978 made use of isspace, removed some unneeded conditions, and added html special character sanitization m455
2024-05-01 1866bbe updated readme with compilation instructions and fixed typo in description m455
2024-05-01 181f1de replaced some printfs with some puts, handled paragraphs ending on the last line m455
2024-05-01 7c8e8a8 cleaned up parsing by moving it into switch statements grouped by state m455
2024-05-01 911f785 use standard compiler flag variable m455
2024-05-01 1fd6fee updated make file to use targets instead of a bunch of ampersands lol. thanks for the tip acdw! m455
2024-05-01 104c432 updated readme m455
2024-05-01 bd35593 add readme starter and licenese m455
2024-05-01 08552f9 gitignore and makefile fixes m455
2024-05-01 65596cf removed dead code, added ridiculous checks to make file and some variables lol m455
2024-05-01 5168715 added readable state and cleaned up some things m455
2024-05-01 daecffb first commit m455