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1 title: woops about the rss feed
3 2023-07-13 00:40
5 heyyy sorry about all the duplicate posts you got in your rss feed. i had
6 changed my directory structure to organize my posts by year, instead of a single
7 flat directory of posts, and then published it.
9 after some time, i've decided that i enjoy the simplicity, programming-wise, of
10 just a single flat directory of posts, so i'll probably be moving back to that.
11 when i go back to using a flat directory of posts, though, it'll all be done
12 using fennel, instead of chicken scheme, for no specific technical reason, other
13 than because my brain wants to.
15 i'm currently debating whether i want to keep a directory of old website
16 generator code for these two website generators or not, or if i just want to
17 archive the code off somewhere. i do think it would be neat to keep a museum of
18 the code that this repo has used to generate blogs/my personal website. i
19 probably wouldn't include older website generators though, just this one, and my
20 new one in fennel, and whatever comes next, if it does.
22 okay. i should go to bed now. good night, and apologies again for false new
23 posts in your rss feed reader. at least this one is a new one? lol.