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Date Ref Log Author
2024-05-22 8b02442 fix html entity thingy m455
2024-03-28 b45fed7 added a little blurb and links to old website generators to archived posts section m455
2024-03-14 b32b571 fix gpg link m455
2023-10-29 4e8db98 house cleaning: single sourced archive style sheet m455
2023-10-29 82fe760 accessibility edits and smart quote removals m455
2023-10-29 800f00e reorganized post structure to a flat structure again m455
2023-08-22 0f8f7f8 removed thing i didn't need m455
2023-08-21 3fec229 removed font sizes so it doesn't mess with user settings in browsers too much m455
2023-08-03 1f4f0bc rereformatted code lol m455
2023-08-01 dd49aad fix mobile view m455
2023-07-31 112b7d6 comic mono font for code m455
2023-07-31 e02a201 changed font to stanberry! m455
2023-07-29 95ded6a fixed typo m455
2023-07-29 3e5582a new post and fixed makefile m455
2023-07-29 583c76f combined generate-* files into just one file to simplify things m455
2023-07-29 9950a05 made modules i guess lol. its a little messy tho m455
2023-07-13 d37aa5d new blog post m455
2023-06-26 46b9a8e code and directory structure change m455
2023-05-23 c3ca105 woops. fixed import m455
2023-05-23 571eab2 made a chicken web server instead of using python3's :D m455
2023-05-23 9045a18 cleaned up makefile and made it actually check for changed files properly lol. didn't realize i wasn't doing this correctly m455
2023-05-20 6d99ad2 typo fix m455
2023-05-20 08b71d6 new blog post m455
2023-05-16 5a0ca05 updated code block colors to not only look nicer but have more contrast--AAA specifically m455
2023-05-09 25413d2 slight font adjustment m455
2023-05-04 c2d7e17 blep m455
2023-05-03 548a152 light and dark preference support! m455
2023-05-02 33ef51e small parser touchup m455
2023-04-29 b7c1288 edit wording m455
2023-04-29 da678c5 removed extra space m455
2023-04-28 bbfa342 wrote 'a shitty config file parser in fennel' post m455
2023-04-21 8f44d13 bolded some shit m455
2023-04-16 a32191f fixed static page nav m455
2023-04-16 d55e8c1 updated nav style m455
2023-04-16 9599c67 ugh typo m455
2023-04-16 6070ed0 slight wording adjustment on posts page m455
2023-04-16 17597fb updated index page and posts page m455
2023-04-12 4691585 removed notice about me removing my archive, because i added it back for memories m455
2023-04-12 3726ebd added back archive lol m455
2023-04-10 d041e0f added gitignore entry, removed ignored files from repo, and condensed makefile a bit m455
2023-04-07 ec73863 fixed padding in mobile view m455
2023-04-07 c177281 removed dark theme for now since i dont know how to make it work with my new background lol m455
2023-04-07 a6d983c floral wallpaper! m455
2023-04-07 5e2dcff added note of me removing old archive m455
2023-04-07 9026c46 cleaned up parser m455
2023-04-06 4c6673d removed duplicate code from parser source m455
2023-04-06 548bca0 cleaned up some repeated code m455
2023-04-06 836567f removed talks and archive for now m455
2023-04-04 c8d1ac2 added scribble slides m455
2023-04-02 fd06417 more css updates m455
2023-04-02 98d40a5 csssssssssssssssssssssss m455
2023-04-01 e78234e coffee cup colorz m455
2023-03-30 de9fea6 im a heathen m455
2023-03-28 f291ac3 blep m455
2023-03-25 1752ee5 added dark theme back m455
2023-03-23 530e379 bleh m455
2023-03-21 b4315ff css update m455
2023-03-21 050845c bloop m455
2023-03-21 4a0ead5 blep m455
2023-03-21 ad7613a changes to ensure pre and code font size m455
2023-03-21 62ede04 font size fix m455
2023-03-21 fda875f actually i like the monospace lol m455
2023-03-21 d1a0054 css update m455
2023-03-20 6a165ba pinkish basic css m455
2023-03-18 c673c68 updated codeblocks m455
2023-03-18 efd02d6 css update m455
2023-03-18 756e6d6 added borders around codeblocks for scroll overflow hints to readers m455
2023-03-15 afa1c16 removed background color and padding from codeblocks m455
2023-03-14 cbb4bdc added more styling to code blocks m455
2023-03-14 aeb7624 purple backgrounddd m455
2023-03-13 a7faca3 serif was getting hard to read for some reason m455
2023-03-13 0d1bffe lightened background just a little bit m455
2023-03-13 cb236a6 increased font size and mobile margins, because my eyes suck m455
2023-03-13 be2c110 typo fix m455
2023-03-13 db93779 markup converter progress m455
2023-03-12 84b17a8 fixed link m455
2023-03-12 e8d3777 test m455
2023-03-12 b1df090 updated blog post links m455
2023-03-12 06670cd adjustments to html converter indenting and fixed formatting of old posts, since my converter supports multi-line list items now :D m455
2023-03-12 b806dc3 figured out how to support multiline lists items! m455
2023-03-11 96ac06e going for a dark themeee as default m455
2023-03-08 9333a3a moved nav items above title on landing page m455
2023-03-08 64ccf12 moved nav items above title on landing page m455
2023-03-03 fd25392 red code for light theme and purple code for the dark one m455
2023-03-03 751f5fe whatever. i can live with the error lol m455
2023-03-03 945d9ac trying to remove a make error m455
2023-03-03 7225191 i think i've got this right now lol m455
2023-03-02 87ba7d2 changed links to an accessible red m455
2023-03-02 aa2e924 Revert "update css units used, now that i'm using a monospace font" m455
2023-03-02 dc21072 update css units used, now that i'm using a monospace font m455
2023-03-02 9f3af95 updated css m455
2023-03-02 104724f updated css m455
2023-03-02 3725542 lowercased makefile filename m455
2023-03-02 b33b52d removed comment from makefile m455
2023-03-02 b6b9d1d removed git stuff from makefile. that was a cluster fuck m455
2023-03-02 e65cec0 test test m455
2023-03-02 4856f1c update m455
2023-03-02 bec2cde added usage note in makefile m455
2023-03-02 3c825e7 testt m455
2023-03-02 25fdb84 centralized build stuff into makefile m455
2023-03-02 ca77d6e commit m455
2023-03-01 743b5e3 adjusted css and code width and formatting m455
2023-02-27 2b5651e css update m455
2023-02-23 8e1dc9a blah m455
2023-02-23 c269ca3 blep m455
2023-02-21 5eb2b03 meh, no clue how i feel about robots.txt m455
2023-02-21 4cc7054 adjusted the way i calculate font sizes so it's more friendly to people who change their browser font sizes m455
2023-02-20 d0b343e fixed posts' back links m455
2023-02-13 2890ad7 line height increase m455
2023-02-13 81e6bea blah m455
2023-02-10 df70cb5 heck yes m455
2023-02-10 757437b moved 'for friends' link to :D m455
2023-02-09 5468927 blah m455
2023-02-08 5585516 refactored my parser m455
2023-02-07 aaca96e fixed small parser bug m455
2023-02-07 22f188c Revert "cleaned up parser" m455
2023-02-07 9f29403 cleaned up parser m455
2023-02-04 47c749c blep m455
2023-02-04 e401557 bleh m455
2023-02-01 bd2174c test m455
2023-02-01 798646d fix rss feed links m455
2023-02-01 578663d more edits m455
2023-02-01 9a52dbf edits m455
2023-02-01 1d2002e fixed rss feed links m455
2023-02-01 19e1ea9 fixed rss feed links m455
2023-02-01 0082a48 fixed posts page m455
2023-02-01 f2e30fb fixed posts page m455
2023-02-01 c776137 added readme m455
2023-02-01 3ebb1d3 added a link m455
2023-02-01 9d811d3 updated template m455
2023-02-01 fa901aa link fix m455
2023-02-01 7453bee small edit m455
2023-02-01 f19ae0e minor typo fix m455
2023-02-01 ff99b41 new post! m455
2023-02-01 f458d07 changed md suffixes to txt, since i don't use markdown anymore m455
2023-02-01 4872585 fixed some old variables that were left over from using my lol generator m455
2023-02-01 cbfbaa4 new website generator! m455
2023-01-20 f653c9c blah m455
2023-01-20 999ae9a css adjustment m455
2023-01-19 a840ba7 back to a plainer theme lol. the terminal theme was too much for me m455
2023-01-19 38bcf78 convert to my markup language m455
2023-01-16 9f5fea3 FULL TERMINAL m455
2023-01-16 bd06ad8 lightened background color and code blocks m455
2023-01-16 15f0cd4 blep m455
2023-01-14 72ae39c reduced bottom padding m455
2023-01-14 724ab78 lol sweet m455
2023-01-14 7a43409 removed border m455
2023-01-13 7266800 updated font m455
2022-12-23 e676f28 blah m455
2022-12-23 937b305 updated css m455
2022-12-12 530d5d5 updated background m455
2022-12-11 2cdb72f blep m455
2022-12-07 62dfe55 test m455
2022-12-03 5ffdfe2 blep m455
2022-12-02 a14f337 test Jesse Laprade
2022-12-02 0e65623 blah Jesse Laprade
2022-12-02 75479c5 blah Jesse Laprade
2022-11-24 745def7 bring back the cloudz Jesse Laprade
2022-11-19 8ac0358 blah Jesse Laprade
2022-11-19 40c8da7 blep Jesse Laprade
2022-11-13 8bdbd30 blah Jesse Laprade
2022-11-07 717eb0b small edits Jesse Laprade
2022-11-06 9b74c0b fixed title Jesse Laprade
2022-11-06 eac08ca added a new post Jesse Laprade
2022-10-30 390e940 blep Jesse Laprade
2022-10-30 c3231be blep Jesse Laprade
2022-10-30 2b5e23e added wrapping to pre elements Jesse Laprade
2022-10-28 5ae9634 updated theme Jesse Laprade
2022-10-18 1f0f7c2 blep Jesse Laprade
2022-10-18 6f1d33e fixed broken titles Jesse Laprade
2022-10-16 9c73416 updated posts page Jesse Laprade
2022-10-16 83fcfc0 updated posts page using my new fancy posts template feature that i've added to my lol tool Jesse Laprade
2022-10-08 2c09ee7 background image on mobile too! Jesse Laprade
2022-09-27 5c391bf SHADOWZ Jesse Laprade
2022-09-27 52660c8 borders around code! Jesse Laprade
2022-09-27 701974a CLOUDS Jesse Laprade
2022-09-27 7915174 blep Jesse Laprade
2022-09-27 350283b blep Jesse Laprade
2022-09-26 cbc4195 small css changes for mobile view Jesse Laprade
2022-09-25 d40bc63 bleep Jesse Laprade
2022-09-25 d5a0e0a bloop Jesse Laprade
2022-09-25 9033f1c blep Jesse Laprade
2022-09-25 f83a6bc blah Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 2bf84b6 bloop Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 7be4272 blep Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 acb453e lol Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 5c57d4c blep Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 45d6bfb blep Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 cf5a2f2 added note under posts archive Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 96962e4 pink codeee. i missed it Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 192635a fixed some archive links Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 1ecdaae updated link Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 41333b4 updated css because the small monospace was too hard to read on a dark background Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 14e7812 added dark mode for folks Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 5e835b4 small edit Jesse Laprade
2022-09-21 9620c52 new blog approachhhhhhh Jesse Laprade
2022-09-14 41d4291 replaced comic neue with sans-serif Jesse Laprade
2022-09-09 acb1290 blah Jesse Laprade