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Date Ref Log Author
2023-05-02 5fdbff7 removed old comment m455
2023-05-01 993eccd Linkbud cleanup, new feature, fixed docs, config file changes, template changes m455
2022-12-02 91c87d9 updated makefile Jesse Laprade
2022-11-16 2fd39e4 The response message to link posts can be changed Jesse Laprade
2022-07-04 e27a80e woops. fixed dark theme Jesse Laprade
2022-07-04 4c774bf changed default css Jesse Laprade
2022-07-01 00640dc removed leftover import Jesse Laprade
2022-07-01 93a9b61 linkbud went on too many dates Jesse Laprade
2022-06-06 a258bc0 Implemented editable and populatable templates! Jesse Laprade
2022-05-25 6d393be cleaned up readme and updated makefile to build dependencies for folks Jesse Laprade
2022-05-20 3faa6e6 accessibility fixes so <hr>s and 'ID:'s aren't read out loud Jesse Laprade
2022-05-19 619481a Accessibility and config file changes; Rewording Jesse Laprade
2022-05-12 252c8f9 noscript support and dark mode Jesse Laprade
2022-05-09 e8f73c1 removed excess sorting Jesse Laprade
2022-05-09 bc2c0a3 added actual sorting and reverse sorting of dates instead of relying on file line order Jesse Laprade
2022-05-06 9e37e1a Added command-line arguments and features Jesse Laprade
2022-04-29 9202176 added todos Jesse Laprade
2022-04-17 917c669 updated todo Jesse Laprade
2022-04-11 708a38d created a TODO Jesse Laprade
2022-03-20 4271550 fixed indentation Jesse Laprade
2022-03-19 ac91f2a readme update Jesse Laprade
2022-03-19 69b4d70 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2022-03-19 4ad14d6 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2022-03-19 a3496c2 Updated readme and simplified makefile Jesse Laprade
2022-03-18 7fd2e91 updated readme and help message Jesse Laprade
2022-03-18 a74bde6 increased default margin on ID dt Jesse Laprade
2022-03-18 9e259c3 added delete command to help message Jesse Laprade
2022-03-18 3191a43 reorganized default css file Jesse Laprade
2022-03-18 9c4d9fc Added the ability to delete posts by ID! Jesse Laprade
2022-03-18 dfb3adf Changed RSS description template Jesse Laprade
2022-03-18 762b243 Added RSS categories to RSS items to handle non-HTTP links better on specific RSS feed readers Jesse Laprade
2022-03-13 1aafb41 changed import, made default config easier to try out Jesse Laprade
2022-03-12 0d39ca8 Removed dependency by (horribly) implementing the one function I needed from the library Jesse Laprade
2022-03-12 7255f02 linkbud now responds to private messages. thank you equa <3 Jesse Laprade
2022-03-10 8328e02 Added protocols to HTML feed Jesse Laprade
2022-03-09 b5360a7 Breaking changes, CSS file editing, and feed regeneration Jesse Laprade
2022-03-06 0575b32 cleaned some things up Jesse Laprade
2022-03-02 29cd0b1 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2022-03-02 82d8f4d removed 'in progress' note from readme Jesse Laprade
2022-03-02 13c2ac5 removed old TODO Jesse Laprade
2022-03-02 d676153 indentation fix Jesse Laprade
2022-03-02 dbdf8f4 uh i wasn't supposed to do that apparently Jesse Laprade
2022-03-02 de86e6e fixed up string cleaning Jesse Laprade
2022-02-18 bb6661c - fixed up url and title sanitization - folks can configure linkbud with a separate, generated config file - log file now uses alists for each post, instead of a list - added horizontal rule before list of links, so the rss feed button is more visible - added link to html header so rss feed-aware browsers can find rss feeds Jesse Laprade
2022-02-18 936de45 small updates Jesse Laprade
2022-02-18 d95bdb1 woops again Jesse Laprade
2022-02-18 9afebae added some more cleaning stuff Jesse Laprade
2022-02-18 0c6e79e added cdata stuff for titles lmao Jesse Laprade
2022-02-18 98d4b15 made html links display in reverse chronological order Jesse Laprade
2022-02-18 5ad667b fixed typo and told folks where things are posted Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 805bad9 updated default rss title Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 265278a fixed old misnamed symbol Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 8eea11b forgot to add the rss file link Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 c433fb6 uncommented sleep, so slow things down a bit Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 aff1ac6 updated paths again lol Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 b7b7893 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 7db08a3 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 fe1ad50 updated default values, since i'll probably be the only one using this lol Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 5668850 fixed some path-related things Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 f14dad7 added rss generation and some help/user feedback messages! :O Jesse Laprade
2022-02-17 7c5878f cleaned up some functions Jesse Laprade
2022-02-16 0baa822 this is so fucking messy, but shit works. now to reorganize it! Jesse Laprade
2022-02-15 391d103 woops again Jesse Laprade
2022-02-15 e6f8e6a woops again Jesse Laprade
2022-02-15 61fac62 woops again Jesse Laprade
2022-02-15 3714d0b woops. fixed double realname Jesse Laprade
2022-02-15 358172e removed alists and getters Jesse Laprade
2022-02-14 6a59af2 created irc parsing stuff and a test command! Jesse Laprade
2022-02-11 9781dd3 updated makefile Jesse Laprade
2022-02-11 28fa46c updated readme Jesse Laprade
2022-02-11 a6a14f9 added a note for myself Jesse Laprade
2022-02-11 a748e6b added other variant of user identification that i've seen 'in the wild' Jesse Laprade
2022-02-11 5d59d92 removed repeated comments Jesse Laprade
2022-02-11 ba7281a yesss Jesse Laprade
2022-02-10 83558d7 simplified directory structure and renamed main.scm to linkbud.scm Jesse Laprade
2022-02-10 20053dd simplified things by removing config file generation and just keeping it all in my main.scm file Jesse Laprade
2022-02-09 f0e13fb cleaned up note Jesse Laprade
2022-02-09 e7254b4 split function into two functions Jesse Laprade
2022-02-09 725b903 added wishlist Jesse Laprade
2022-02-09 4437b3f blah Jesse Laprade
2022-02-09 5646b37 wip Jesse Laprade
2022-02-09 f889c2e first commit Jesse Laprade