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Date Ref Log Author
2020-11-21 9e1fd30 Fixed indentation on let statement Jesse Laprade
2020-11-21 126b424 Rebuilt portable binary and script Jesse Laprade
2020-11-21 2b75006 Added alternative help flags Jesse Laprade
2020-11-21 0bff7ac Added seq/sequence to the style guide Jesse Laprade
2020-11-21 ccf81f6 Fixed contradictions in programming style guide Jesse Laprade
2020-11-21 c6252e0 Rebuilt portable binary and Lua script Jesse Laprade
2020-11-21 f541ebd Added addtional version flags and fixed names Jesse Laprade
2020-11-21 12bdbc6 Changed wording on requirements section in readme Jesse Laprade
2020-11-21 bc1ad72 Added square brackets to the list of commands on the and in fa's help message to represent optional arguments Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 2fcd7c8 Updated requirements Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 4113623 Added a 'cd' command in the makefile's compile-lua rule Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 d141348 Added shebang to lua file Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 ee3cf88 Added will's fa.lua file and new esper build Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 5b1d93e update esper modules, rebuild lua source Will Sinatra
2020-11-20 eccaf58 Updated readme and help message according to will's changes Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 854ae94 add versioning command Will Sinatra
2020-11-20 31e038e Removed an apostrophe that was breaking markdown section links Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 85fc3a6 Added binary and script to src directory for now, and updated docs accordingly Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 de14a83 Updating readme Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 e1d5647 Replaced `check` command with `ls` Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 e7b5e6b Rebuilt binary Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 e53e04e Fixed help message to avoid auto-indentation issues Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 6e96c11 Updated toc Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 e3a351e Fixed notify bug introduced in 0.4.2 Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 5a86a77 Rebuilt fa binary Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 4585a46 Fixed bug that added the literal word 'today' as a key haha Jesse Laprade
2020-11-20 9c22f34 Fixed padding on arbitrary key 'dates' when each date has more than one item Jesse Laprade
2020-11-19 56285d7 Added the ability list events happening on a specific date Jesse Laprade
2020-11-19 088e1c5 Cleaned up conditionals and removed date/key limit Jesse Laprade
2020-10-07 e393031 Fixed my accidentally-broken commit and rebuilt binary haha Jesse Laprade
2020-10-06 ad3df38 Cleaned up add function and rebuilt binary Jesse Laprade
2020-10-04 e29c2e5 fixed key-exists? function Jesse Laprade
2020-10-04 86131e2 Added a todo in fa.fnl Jesse Laprade
2020-10-03 629be9e Updated style guide according Will's response/votes :D Jesse Laprade
2020-10-03 c56b583 fix link and comment Will Sinatra
2020-10-03 b67eae5 rebuilt fa binary based on new esper process :) Jesse Laprade
2020-10-03 2d21669 Updated the wording in the style guide section Jesse Laprade
2020-10-03 5cca4b4 Added the programming style guide to the readme Jesse Laprade
2020-10-03 456fbdd Add esper depends mechanism Will Sinatra
2020-10-01 38b9b9b Added a note to the abbreviations Jesse Laprade
2020-10-01 2d58230 Updated toc hierarchy. Removed third-level headings from TOC Jesse Laprade
2020-09-30 c2e9a2a updated clone urls Jesse Laprade
2020-09-30 43cbda2 we have reasonable screenshots again! Jesse Laprade
2020-09-30 38430df Added a programming style guide for us to discuss :D Jesse Laprade
2020-09-28 2f5bfef temporary/bad fix to getting images working with gitweb haha Jesse Laprade
2020-09-28 5bfb3e9 fixed a weird copy and paste error in the main readme title Jesse Laprade
2020-09-28 b9d2cb1 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2020-09-28 bf95405 Attempting yet another image-rendering readme Jesse Laprade
2020-09-28 36a0837 Blah no luck. disabled the screenshot gif for now Jesse Laprade
2020-09-28 e9e4c4d Testing image hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-28 44a069a Testing image hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-28 2d3692a Testing image hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-27 08b02a2 Updated binary instructions Jesse Laprade
2020-09-27 bf20892 commented out screenshots for now Jesse Laprade
2020-09-27 3002177 Updated readme. Changed binary-retrieving instructions to match gitweb Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 bb47a35 testing image again.. Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 7659122 Removed screenshots. false alarm. they don't render Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 9c7b845 Added back images because im rolling with cgit now! Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 dfdf72c Renamed binding to be more semantic Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 9cc9f45 Temporarily removed images/gifs from readme haha Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 00adc3e test test Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 36d552e Blah. can't figure out how to make a git post-receive hook to move the images into the bare repo on my server, leaving them in the readme regardless Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 e4bcd7a testing git hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 7865f1a testing git hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 b77b637 testing git hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 37f1ef1 testing git hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 ac2942d testing git hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 0248d8a testing git hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 7b478df testing git hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 8ceb07a testing git hook again. hopefully this works Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 99f779c testing git hook again. hopefully this works Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 7a7bc68 testing git hook again. hopefully this works Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 6f9cc52 testing git hook again Jesse Laprade
2020-09-26 83c5072 Adding images using a git hook Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 f2fda02 Fixed contributors links in Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 fc21631 Removed fa notification screenshots... for now! Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 eb68785 Updated list of examples Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 e06c223 regenerating readme Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 f963e62 pandoc git hook test Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 1a65bb9 Added note to ask will about something Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 c5c6f69 Removed images for now. gitweb doesn't play well with the paths in readme.htmls and images haha Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 b8e06d8 now to figure out why markdown doesn't like html comments haha Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 851af19 okay i figured out the problem! Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 0b57a33 test Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 6835a02 test Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 989c7c4 readme test... still not working haha Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 90e2f2e blah Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 2bbbd42 Maybe this works? Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 e6df5a1 Not sure why this isn't working now... Haha Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 313f02b readme test Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 10ca289 readme test Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 17bc279 another readme test Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 2c64ae4 Okay, testing it for real this time? i didn't install the markdown package haha Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 9dc088c testing out readme generation for gitweb by changing '-'s to asterisks Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 010ba2e testing out readme generation for gitweb by changing '-'s to asterisks Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 e5eaa73 test Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 8d88b6e test Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 471fb12 fixed accidentally chmodded fa.fnl Jesse Laprade
2020-09-25 995d627 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2020-09-20 f8d99c9 rebuilt binary Jesse Laprade
2020-09-20 0631a87 Pluralized 'show-event' just because it made more sense? Jesse Laprade
2020-09-20 bbae3b9 Rebuilt binary Jesse Laprade
2020-09-20 6966842 Made parameters more readable/semantic for Will :D Jesse Laprade
2020-09-20 c872934 Replace an old todo that was more of an idea than a todo with an actual todo Jesse Laprade
2020-09-20 b1702bc Moved note below a section preview to make it less distracting/out of place Jesse Laprade
2020-09-20 b2304c2 Added new sections to the read me. Note: There are some sections with TODO Jesse Laprade
2020-09-19 bd8612f Edited the readme Jesse Laprade
2020-09-19 3211638 Gave main and process-args' parameters more meaningful names Jesse Laprade
2020-09-19 65485f2 Added contributors section (Forgot to fix that from the last 'broken' commit) Jesse Laprade
2020-09-19 3e58387 okay, let's try this again Jesse Laprade
2020-09-19 5e4012b Revert "Removed notes directory, changed credits section to 'contributors'" Jesse Laprade
2020-09-19 48ba775 fixed broken commit Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 1213649 Removed notes directory, changed credits section to 'contributors' Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 f5b67ab Changed link to Will's page in credits section Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 6f65677 Changed credits section Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 1aed4db Tweaked readme Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 9fb66ad Updated readme Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 c177945 Added single-file executable binary to root directory Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 41bff6f Renamed notes to compile-and-install-notes Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 9ebdbcd added install note, just so jesse doesn't forget haha Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 ea306be created a notes directory for maintainers, updated todos in README Jesse Laprade
2020-09-18 a866b96 add rename to esper Will Sinatra
2020-09-18 431b151 fix esperbuild inst paths Will Sinatra
2020-09-18 baa6ce9 apt-get inside of esperbuild Will Sinatra
2020-09-18 557a60a Fix fennel url, fix esperbuild step Will Sinatra
2020-09-17 62d146f Fix esperbuild path in makefile Will Sinatra
2020-09-17 1f45162 Merge branch 'main' of into main Jesse Laprade
2020-09-16 52adccd Add fa/fennel esperbuild and lua esper Will Sinatra
2020-09-16 cbc2c8d removed some excess comments Jesse Laprade
2020-09-16 2c452b2 Removed accidentally-created fa.lua file haha Jesse Laprade
2020-09-16 e58d013 Fixed weird characters before variable. Jesse Laprade
2020-09-15 83f932a Fix error in Makefile lua lib path Will Sinatra
2020-09-15 833616a Fix error in Makefile lua lib path Will Sinatra
2020-09-15 3f71928 Moved 'Todos' section Jesse Laprade
2020-09-15 79bf654 Added link to Will Sinatra's Gitlab profile Jesse Laprade
2020-09-15 b57bb1e Added 'Credits' section to Jesse Laprade
2020-09-15 ea89ff0 Fixed typo in Makefile (binary compiling still broken) Jesse Laprade
2020-09-14 dac86e6 Add fennel --compile-binary make options to makefile Will Sinatra
2020-09-14 9daf2c3 Added a todo Jesse Laprade
2020-09-14 b50e5e5 Added a todo Jesse Laprade
2020-09-10 4e76e1f Changed clone link to point to my new git repositories Jesse Laprade
2020-09-10 d7a6e2e Fixed typo. Thanks elioat :D Jesse Laprade
2020-09-08 e73854b Added todo section Jesse Laprade
2020-08-29 f201c65 merged rm-cleanup Jesse Laprade
2020-08-29 2743bf6 Removed confusing comment and removed an unneeded lume.keys call Jesse Laprade
2020-08-28 1417a22 Built new executable Jesse Laprade
2020-08-28 d6d5919 replaced a table.insert with a nice tset *without* overwriting the original value :D Jesse Laprade
2020-08-28 b4e7ff9 Removed lingering file Jesse Laprade
2020-08-24 0b8ed05 Built new file Jesse Laprade
2020-08-24 734bbf0 Merge branch 'match-1' into main Jesse Laprade
2020-08-24 b6bcc4a Renamed date-cond to key-cond to stay consistent with other naming conventions Jesse Laprade
2020-08-24 7c6785e Built new fa image based on last commit Jesse Laprade
2020-08-24 45e9a1b Cleaned up add function Jesse Laprade
2020-08-22 9a6096c Removed unwanted let statement Jesse Laprade
2020-08-22 bacac20 Cleaned up the add/add-date function by using tset's handy nested thinger Jesse Laprade
2020-08-15 401951d Added a disclaimer, readme conventions, platforms, and updated the table of contents Jesse Laprade
2020-08-06 e2544ac Added built executable Jesse Laprade
2020-08-06 0e58d7d Moved makefile to current directory Jesse Laprade
2020-08-06 60403d4 I dont even remember what i did here? Jesse Laprade
2020-08-05 2c5101a Removed ideas.txt Jesse Laprade
2020-08-05 fcfa3f6 Merge branch 'cleanup' into main Jesse Laprade
2020-08-05 239174f Cleaned up code and made everything more readable Jesse Laprade
2020-08-05 fa6cf35 rebuilt fa Jesse Laprade
2020-08-05 f2a5d96 Merge branch 'cleanup' into main Jesse Laprade
2020-08-05 fa2bd8b fixed up ls and check a bit. Jesse Laprade
2020-08-04 3c074a5 build new executable Jesse Laprade
2020-08-04 199adbd made a print-format macro for all of the '(print (string.format ...))'s i had Jesse Laprade
2020-08-04 fa47afa Made the help message code easier to scan with your eyes Jesse Laprade
2020-08-04 83e94fc Cleaned up ls and check using first and rest bindings! Jesse Laprade
2020-08-02 4557f60 Commented out debugging tools, so they aren't loaded in the executable Jesse Laprade
2020-08-01 5182147 Added the new gif! Jesse Laprade
2020-08-01 a1dc99c Made formatting nicer for 'ls' and 'today' commands! Jesse Laprade
2020-08-01 1601896 okay hmm Jesse Laprade
2020-08-01 16946de added a todo Jesse Laprade
2020-08-01 dad6c38 Removed screenshot for now until I update it Jesse Laprade
2020-08-01 bb8d8f9 Updated docs Jesse Laprade
2020-08-01 b237302 Updated help message\nTODO:\n* Update docs Jesse Laprade
2020-08-01 5ff8a46 Added the ability to add multiple events per date Jesse Laprade
2020-07-31 3ebcb9d backup up what works for the night Jesse Laprade
2020-07-31 d47c6f8 backup up what works for the night Jesse Laprade
2020-07-31 494bc3b attempted to make things in the (ls) command little easier to read Jesse Laprade
2020-07-31 c4ac042 added some 'todo' and 'done' notes to my code Jesse Laprade
2020-07-31 fd7bbf5 rewrote ls command to display sub tables Jesse Laprade
2020-07-31 6c4344e and yet more notes Jesse Laprade
2020-07-30 9d83c8e just a backup for the night with some notes Jesse Laprade
2020-07-30 f2c73cc finished the add command for nested tables! now i just need to work on rm and ls! Jesse Laprade
2020-07-30 a9eebe4 Added yet another idea Jesse Laprade
2020-07-30 25928f8 Updated an idea Jesse Laprade
2020-07-29 bef4f5c created a separate branch for this Jesse Laprade
2020-07-29 8a706d2 Added an idea Jesse Laprade
2020-07-29 b934773 Created an ideas.txt file Jesse Laprade
2020-07-28 fe16a7c Removed hard-coded length value when checking the 'add' command's date input Jesse Laprade
2020-07-28 17a7a62 Updated help message to include the new 'today' options Jesse Laprade
2020-07-28 0dee577 Removed excess file Jesse Laprade
2020-07-28 3c21f4d Updated readme with the new 'today' options Jesse Laprade
2020-07-28 3dc697b Added new functionality Jesse Laprade
2020-07-28 7294b9a Added a missing 'newline' to the help message Jesse Laprade
2020-07-27 a881203 changed clone command Jesse Laprade
2020-07-27 b6f2eb7 changed readme instructions to point to main branch Jesse Laprade
2020-07-26 9cbdf0b changed clone link to point to Jesse Laprade
2020-07-23 235f738 Fixed a formatting issue in the examples section Jesse Laprade
2020-07-23 f156769 updated quick start Jesse Laprade
2020-07-23 eb537a8 Removed unnecessary spacing from let binding Jesse Laprade
2020-07-23 8a38be2 removed hardcoded'\!' Jesse Laprade
2020-07-23 6db3869 Added some input checking Jesse Laprade
2020-07-23 4fa4dd4 removed (optional) beside the fennel requirement, since they are following the make commands Jesse Laprade
2020-07-23 f76e678 wrote the docs! Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 46d2159 updated bashrc screenshot to match new commands Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 c91128f updated examples in readme and help message Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 e4ffbf3 Updated commands and gif Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 befb9ac removed an example in the bashrc section that caused an error because of a single quote Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 8957888 Added a result statement to the initialize function Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 421c8b2 added a gif of fa in action Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 95569fd updated bashrc example Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 541084f updated bashrc example Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 326b7d3 updated bashrc example Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 65d485c updated bashrc example Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 c951914 Reworded the under-construction docs notice Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 61e55ff updated readme Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 1740e51 Updated `ch` display format Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 2c8c4ac updated the makefile Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 d84ef38 changed all 'write's back to io.write and 'writeln's to print Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 e1135dd organized files into folders Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 401b3f8 fixed 'usage' message Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 65e0088 added a note in the readme about the docs not being finished yet Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 0aa2a7e added a screenshot of the bashrc example Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 4cd4efa added a .bashrc example Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 f4f8f1f fixed add bug, which didn't provide enough arguments to a string.format Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 37e3689 fixed 'removed' typo from 'add' command Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 0ef7264 Added a 'usage' message as the default message if no arguments are given Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 ccf049a Moved parenthesized note into an actual note Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 2a780f6 added some notes Jesse Laprade
2020-07-22 7ca2395 added the help message\n* Still need to make the documentation in the readme Jesse Laprade
2020-07-21 e16e191 Made write and writeln functions from io.write, instead of mixing print and io.write Jesse Laprade
2020-07-21 e1d2d7d Removed repetitive code Jesse Laprade
2020-07-21 23d96cf changed a bit of the formatting Jesse Laprade
2020-07-21 e0ce698 added a file->table function! Jesse Laprade
2020-07-21 b49c874 rewrote a lot of the file-reading and file-writing functions Jesse Laprade
2020-07-21 752619c Added a comment on input format Jesse Laprade
2020-07-21 87f1658 now i just need to write documentation Jesse Laprade
2020-07-21 fdb6457 changed readme wording, because i was bored Jesse Laprade
2020-07-21 0b16340 removed a bit of leftover garbage\nremoved unused sorting Jesse Laprade
2020-07-20 1c6fc40 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2020-07-20 482bfed first commit Jesse Laprade
2020-07-20 8abe705 Initial commit Jesse Laprade