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Date Ref Log Author
2023-04-01 27e0fbc hmm that felt too corporate for me lol m455
2023-04-01 2af8bcd trying some status line plugins m455
2023-03-29 2427550 updated git config m455
2023-03-29 7eb3198 niceties added back m455
2023-03-29 3561603 light terminal was too much lol m455
2023-03-29 184b5a0 smol changes m455
2023-03-28 6e5ecc8 trying out a new vimrc m455
2023-03-28 52ddcdc added lisp word m455
2023-03-26 ebcf5a7 added bb alias m455
2023-03-26 7f13835 added mouse and color niceties to tmux and vim m455
2023-03-23 a814c36 woop m455
2023-03-21 2dd2f74 removed extra background setter m455
2023-03-20 5f2aa11 fixed bolded identifiers m455
2023-03-20 41d014f syntax highlighting im happy with... i think m455
2023-03-18 feac9df changed plug link m455
2023-03-17 313f2fd found a colorscheme i like m455
2023-03-17 120e19c more highlighting adjustments m455
2023-03-17 fdf8305 ps1 update m455
2023-03-17 26fbf6f blah m455
2023-03-16 a44b17c more highlights added to vim to make scheme and fennel more comfortable m455
2023-03-16 7ce7ddf made fennel code highlighting nicer m455
2023-03-15 726b3a3 added scheme highlighting customization m455
2023-03-10 7dc194f blah m455
2023-03-03 9f201a5 visuals and lag-reducing stuff m455
2023-03-01 6a683f8 back to color m455
2023-02-28 d65806e trying out less colors for fun m455
2023-02-27 c2b95a3 more fennel highlighting adjustments m455
2023-02-27 b24fcac changed to a different fennel.vim source m455
2023-02-26 2d41341 added ignorecase because it's more convenient when doing :commands m455
2023-02-20 a0d1f86 back to regular vim lol m455
2023-02-02 0427ddc giving nvim a go and reorganized my .profile m455
2023-02-02 c1cef9f first commit m455