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Date Ref Log Author
2023-04-27 b65e779 rewrote dog in chicken m455
2021-12-30 010e71b added history disabling Jesse Laprade
2021-12-03 53ba1f7 changed readme to .txt Jesse Laprade
2021-04-16 785f71f changed order of pattern matching thingy to have it go most specific to most general and added an explanation for one of the items Jesse Laprade
2021-04-15 c46680f only allow exact numbers Jesse Laprade
2021-04-15 7e6a2ce cleaned up my pattern matching, add, and update procedures :D Jesse Laprade
2021-04-15 f91fc86 shorted ascii horizontal rules Jesse Laprade
2021-04-15 699e24a first commit Jesse Laprade