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Date Ref Log Author
2024-05-16 4f2ed8d changed int function to num, and allowed it to handle both ints and floats m455
2024-05-15 5dd34a9 added cons and filter m455
2024-05-15 3081814 added really crappy for, map, and reduce to standard lib lol m455
2024-05-15 c0e20df cleaned up eval, added comments, and moved core function above other core functions m455
2024-05-14 622503a added crappy quote and eval implementations and made the repl printer product nicer output m455
2024-05-14 79164ba cleaned up gitignore m455
2024-05-13 45da1e8 remove crappily implemented std lib functions for now, and old files m455
2024-05-13 0df532a more cleanup m455
2024-05-13 1139048 bit of cleanup and bug fixes m455
2024-05-07 b2aa8ed added some core functions and moved if implementation to std lib m455
2024-05-06 5a289e3 tiny code cleanup m455
2024-05-03 0b3f7d9 made func 'expand' (i guess not a real expand in the lisp sense? not sure tbh) to a def m455
2024-04-29 5b440d6 commented out incorrect check m455
2024-04-29 82d02c8 added let specialgit status oh and remainder function to std lib m455
2024-04-28 e479000 now evaluation actually passes scope onto the next expression m455
2024-04-28 f737972 attempting to clean things up lol m455
2024-04-27 71158f1 wip rewrite m455
2024-04-19 92cc875 reworked how some user input resolves/returns m455
2024-04-19 3d3d684 added more std lib functions and really shitty apply and for functions. moved things like = and empty back to elixir to handle cause they weren't fun to implement lol m455
2024-04-16 3b2fe8d removed unneeded recur m455
2024-04-16 33e951a added proper expression printing m455
2024-04-16 24f171b added back test file m455
2024-04-16 8fd9ce1 removed some stuff m455
2024-04-16 4fd2cfc fixed a bunch of bugs, implemented some standard functions m455
2024-04-15 f9bd839 bit of cleanup m455
2024-04-15 ec69ae0 removed new scope function for now m455
2024-04-15 7e59f70 changed for definition for now m455
2024-04-15 46a889b simplified a code. still need to implement import namespaces m455
2024-04-10 b0078ad simplified definitions ...i think! m455
2024-04-10 175d9e2 starting from basics m455
2024-03-28 ff32fc8 changed a fuck ton of stuff and cleaned some shit up. not sure what else lol m455
2024-03-26 007ab87 got basic importing working i think, it's really fuckin jank tho m455
2024-03-23 035e5c5 remove untrue statement. it's not a full anonymous function call that we're transforming m455
2024-03-23 2fe006d Separated core definitions from local definitions m455
2024-03-23 9410e94 formatted stuff m455
2024-03-04 f95a76a half-working library calls. variables are still accessed in the environment scope tho :'( m455
2024-03-04 ef69b4a renamed a few things, and added functionality to read library calls, but still no functionality to import libraries into their own key m455
2024-03-04 a3fe1a0 implemented importing scopes, in a really bad way m455
2024-03-01 6a5af4d added functionality for importing 'libraries' m455
2024-03-01 4d5054c repo cleanup m455
2024-02-23 eecc069 first commit m455
2024-03-23 bd4da0c Initial commit m455