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Date Ref Log Author
2021-02-11 7026bbe - Added repair - Updated the readme and help file so repair is documented Jesse Laprade
2021-02-11 4d67bf5 Pushing WIP for repair function for the night Jesse Laprade
2021-02-10 b3dfdad Simplified init functionality and added a warning for users running init on an existing working directory Jesse Laprade
2021-02-07 e0dec7a Reorganized and made the readme nicer Jesse Laprade
2021-02-07 97db6e7 removed periods from procedures to stay consistent with other procedures in the document Jesse Laprade
2021-02-07 8b266db wrapped /home/m455/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games:/home/m455/bin:/home/m455/.local/bin in code tags Jesse Laprade
2021-02-07 cf2c95f Moved the quick start section to the top Jesse Laprade
2021-02-07 8b8d13b Updated readme Jesse Laprade
2021-01-31 ce7835a undoing the test lol Jesse Laprade
2021-01-31 9d83556 ssh test Jesse Laprade
2021-01-27 525afc2 updated the readme Jesse Laprade
2021-01-27 77b73db undo note test Jesse Laprade
2021-01-27 74a64af note test Jesse Laprade
2021-01-25 0a57840 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2021-01-25 0af03e6 Removed fennel script from directory Jesse Laprade
2021-01-25 8b10e51 reorganized directory Jesse Laprade
2021-01-25 029e16a updated readme Jesse Laprade
2021-01-25 9b4938b removed the need for fennel by adding a fennel lua script in the directory! :D Jesse Laprade
2021-01-25 04ee8c5 updated the readme Jesse Laprade
2021-01-21 f37d8fa updated ffs Jesse Laprade
2021-01-18 08bf0a3 cleaned up things with threading macros Jesse Laprade
2021-01-13 8f8e5cb Updated makefile Jesse Laprade
2021-01-09 dff0e1e Recompiled wg.lua Jesse Laprade
2021-01-09 3c3630f simplified a function Jesse Laprade
2020-12-30 c517bb2 reverted Jesse Laprade
2020-12-30 9186051 Revert "uploading changes? apparently there we some??" Jesse Laprade
2020-12-30 0077b74 uploading changes? apparently there we some?? Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 764ff0d Updated formatting on ffs Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 3643ec4 changed #s to lengths Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 4ed67c1 Revert "updated all to to make things more readable" Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 f467f2d updated all to to make things more readable Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 8556f21 Fixed ffs issue Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 4142a29 Updated ffs Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 8ae155e Updated ffs Jesse Laprade
2020-12-19 16fc1f3 Updated ffs Jesse Laprade
2020-12-19 097c06a Changed pairs that operated on sequences to ipairs instead Jesse Laprade
2020-12-09 5d2bfb9 Reformatted source code; updated help message to include source code URL Jesse Laprade
2020-12-08 b2b513b Updated ffs Jesse Laprade
2020-11-28 1d6c4e5 Removed link to python website. everyone knows what python is Jesse Laprade
2020-11-28 6e6ffc4 Fixed indentation in commands section Jesse Laprade
2020-11-28 06b8bfe Fixed indentation in commands section Jesse Laprade
2020-11-28 baeb389 Fixed indentation in quick start section Jesse Laprade
2020-11-28 a3a9106 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 7c68310 Moved source code into src directory, and provided an already-built wg.lua file for users Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 ec56fcf Added ffs and a compile option Jesse Laprade
2020-11-17 ee28f41 Removed redundant phrase Jesse Laprade
2020-11-12 e299119 Improved the user experience by checking for missing files, empty build directory when building, cleaning, or serving Jesse Laprade
2020-11-09 269ece5 Fixed wording on note Jesse Laprade
2020-11-09 55ff546 Fixed wording on note Jesse Laprade
2020-11-09 52564f4 Added a useful note for custom directories Jesse Laprade
2020-11-09 9349f3b removed init before build, since build doesn't work anyway if the required directories aren't there for building lol Jesse Laprade
2020-11-09 ed4aab2 Added (init) before building to check for required directories and files Jesse Laprade
2020-11-09 084ea6f Removed unused functions. Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 3e06daa Edited some functions and added new shell function to capture shell output Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 87417b6 made file-write more flexible by adding a mode parameter Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 2facc96 Made a clear distinction for the else statement in the build function by adding a (when ...) Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 da21e02 Added a message if no commands are given Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 50b02e4 Fixed indentation Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 c97f7d5 Added some functions for the future Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 ccd061f Removed old comment Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 12add64 Fixed path formatting in readme Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 d3e32da Added python requirement just in case Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 b079f83 Bolded a note Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 1fb51c7 Updated readme Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 44e2f49 Added note about styling Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 e6929d4 Surrounded title in quotes in header Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 eb5087d Added agpl3 license Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 8685e59 I think i'm done?? Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 8446619 removed comment about convert ignoring empty directories, because it turns out it didnt? Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 8e8d67c Removed file-create from file-write Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 de7a891 blep Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 f4d58d1 Removed todo file Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 c795209 Got this in a working state! Gonna test some things, remove some old comments and possibly start using it! Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 db7eb0d Added note, changed two function names Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 5c0da17 Fixed typo in readme Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 10c5ea1 Added todos Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 72f6139 Using python3's simple http server. Now I just need to implement the 'clean' command Jesse Laprade
2020-11-07 0e709dd Made some small edits and comments Jesse Laprade
2020-11-03 6490316 Moved multi-line strings into a list of concatenated strings, so formatting is easier Jesse Laprade
2020-11-03 cafa438 ohhh yes Jesse Laprade
2020-11-02 f3b7480 Removed hardcoded author, description, and keywords Jesse Laprade
2020-11-02 3a811e6 Added a note to build function Jesse Laprade
2020-11-02 61268e2 Fixed formatting bug of contents of a file Jesse Laprade
2020-11-02 fb7e6bc updated build function to match new required-files Jesse Laprade
2020-11-02 022b772 Added creation of header and footer files! Jesse Laprade
2020-11-01 143cee9 Added some todos in the comments Jesse Laprade
2020-11-01 8d69c1a deleted old testing cruft from the bottom Jesse Laprade
2020-11-01 c490ba3 it now recursively converts and copiesls Jesse Laprade
2020-10-30 b01ace6 This is probably so broken right now, but i'm pushing these changes lol Jesse Laprade
2020-10-30 c32748f Removed racket file. the fennel file is going well lol Jesse Laprade
2020-10-30 180b1c9 Fixed up file system utils! Jesse Laprade
2020-10-30 789bf5f Started off some of the functions for the build command Jesse Laprade
2020-10-29 5d66859 Added notice in readme Jesse Laprade
2020-10-29 70e3a04 added notes Jesse Laprade
2020-10-29 45c313f Added racket version back just in case lol Jesse Laprade
2020-10-29 0503964 Unbroke this for now at least. even though it only runs a test function haha Jesse Laprade
2020-10-29 b8897bd Saving these changes for now Jesse Laprade
2020-10-29 b6f358a Removed racket version Jesse Laprade
2020-10-29 f136e74 can now list contents of a directory! Jesse Laprade
2020-10-26 f220389 blah Jesse Laprade
2020-10-25 c8b43be Added fennel version back. i think i'm gonna have another go at it Jesse Laprade
2020-10-21 8961e8c pushing these super broken updates for now Jesse Laprade
2020-10-18 5364a74 Converted everything to racket Jesse Laprade
2020-10-17 c263a5a Removed duplicate file Jesse Laprade
2020-10-17 8c13656 Slowly converting things to racket Jesse Laprade
2020-10-17 c7a8680 removed hard-coded locals from init functions Jesse Laprade
2020-10-17 380727f Added directory checking Jesse Laprade
2020-10-16 e340707 Removed redundant function in init Jesse Laprade
2020-10-16 acdfe11 Created init function Jesse Laprade
2020-10-16 ced53c8 Added directory-related functions Jesse Laprade
2020-10-16 cc8ad04 hard-coding style.css as the css file name. oh yeah Jesse Laprade
2020-10-16 55c9639 Pushin those files Jesse Laprade
2020-10-16 4909376 first commit Jesse Laprade