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main- Added repairJesse Laprade5 months
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2022-05-09- Added repairHEADmainJesse Laprade
2021-02-11Pushing WIP for repair function for the nightJesse Laprade
2021-02-10Simplified init functionality and added a warning for users running init on a...Jesse Laprade
2021-02-07Reorganized and made the readme nicerJesse Laprade
2021-02-07removed periods from procedures to stay consistent with other procedures in t...Jesse Laprade
2021-02-07wrapped /home/m455/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/gam...Jesse Laprade
2021-02-07Moved the quick start section to the topJesse Laprade
2021-02-07Updated readmeJesse Laprade
2021-01-31undoing the test lolJesse Laprade
2021-01-31ssh testJesse Laprade