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* Improved readme and made the config file a little easier to parse with your eyesJesse Laprade2021-05-16
* Replaced configuration system with built-in Scheme procedures!Jesse Laprade2021-04-20
* Removed repetitive code!Jesse Laprade2021-04-18
* Added config file generation during setup!Jesse Laprade2021-04-17
* have sprout setup from a configZach Mandeville2021-04-17
* simplified structure of repoJesse Laprade2021-04-13
* added a make file for installation if neededJesse Laprade2021-04-12
* added one command line arg as a non-interactive mode lolJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* okay. i think i'll start using this nowJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* added notes to use pandocJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* okay. there we goJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* i think this is usable now??Jesse Laprade2021-04-11
* removed plaintext to html <p> conversions. i'll just write in fragmented html...Jesse Laprade2021-04-11
* fixed up body parsing thingyJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* Added a paginating thingy!Jesse Laprade2021-04-11
* simplified things a bit path-wiseJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* blepJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* hell yeah. things are getting bettterr. no pagination yet though lolJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* cleaned things up a bitJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* added some notesJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* pushing some changes. so. much. repetitive. codeJesse Laprade2021-04-11
* added some todosJesse Laprade2021-04-10
* i think i'm done? fuck testing. let's just throw this in my blogJesse Laprade2021-04-10