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2022-12-02 208fd3e renamed readme so itll render Jesse Laprade
2022-11-08 527d049 changed all (> (length lst) 0) to (not (null? lst)) Jesse Laprade
2022-11-08 674390e uhhh removed mysterious files Jesse Laprade
2022-11-08 3b18320 okay, now it actually avoids empty nicethings files lol Jesse Laprade
2022-11-08 9190ed2 blep Jesse Laprade
2022-11-08 7fc074e added backup plan in case a .nicethings file is chosen, but there are only blank lines or nothing in it lol Jesse Laprade
2022-11-08 82c822e don't show blank lines/refactored a bit... unless that was the last few commits? i don't even remember Jesse Laprade
2022-11-08 76344ad changed names of a few variables and constants Jesse Laprade
2022-11-06 28e37e7 fixed a little bug Jesse Laprade
2022-11-06 322c8f6 fixed a little bug Jesse Laprade
2022-11-06 2080331 Refactored how nicethings files .nicethings files Jesse Laprade
2022-11-04 164c4d3 converted nicethings from racket to chicken scheme and simplified the usage and code m455
2021-04-15 a16b920 added check for exact numbers m455
2021-04-15 672bf1d attempting a cleanup of this awful old code haha m455
2021-03-28 b097628 Removed incorrect 'sudo' from (un)install steps. Thanks ~lucidiot for pointing this out! :D m455
2021-03-09 af95d13 changed wording on readme description m455
2021-02-24 ce7f777 updated readme hierarchy m455
2020-11-28 7f37ce3 Shortened a note m455
2020-11-28 bca842e Removed 'nicethings source code' from requirements, since that is clearly implied m455
2020-11-28 a951d89 Updated readme section order m455
2020-09-30 7ca3821 pushing to gitea m455
2020-09-28 f7db696 fixed a bug which didn't allow random nicethigns to appear m455
2020-09-25 00bee86 regenerating readme m455
2020-09-25 4adc993 generating readme.html m455
2020-09-25 cdbf7bc updated readme m455
2020-09-24 4dd535d changed match behaviour in arg parsing m455
2020-09-10 f0dfccd Changed clone link to point to my new git repositories m455
2020-07-27 f5e8f62 changed clone command m455
2020-07-27 79ab0ba changed master to main m455
2020-07-26 cbb5974 changed clone link to point to m455
2020-07-16 a0a7645 simplified pattern matching m455
2020-07-16 6274772 Simplified pattern matching with match expander m455
2020-07-15 c54b8a0 bolded keyword 'example' as per my conventions m455
2020-07-15 67978c4 Rewrote nicethings m455
2020-07-15 465f622 updated makefile m455
2020-07-11 acba42d updated readme m455
2020-07-11 3f1c495 simplified makefile m455
2020-07-07 c6de80c updated makefile m455
2020-07-07 0c4fc2a updated readme m455
2020-07-07 cb5eb0e updated wording m455
2020-07-07 9717be9 updated custom installation m455
2020-07-07 c407b67 updated makefile m455
2020-06-21 ba3e586 Changed an example to a more realistic example m455
2020-06-21 9b5e71b changed add and remove message formats m455
2020-06-20 be6c36d wow that was a bad bug m455
2020-06-20 4b575c3 fixed a silly bug m455
2020-06-20 01ce278 blep m455
2020-06-20 6b87eb5 blep m455
2020-06-20 e9826b0 blep m455
2020-06-20 60ba955 Updated code m455
2020-06-18 104e44b woops nevermind, the makefile works haha m455
2020-06-18 6c815c1 Added a note about the outdated makefile m455
2020-06-16 335f68a updated the how-it-works/cycle-of-operations m455
2020-06-15 1623511 fixed help message m455
2020-06-15 c398537 fixed readme m455
2020-06-15 f2c7109 fixed unbound identifier haha m455
2020-06-15 e4704f7 removed unused symbols m455
2020-06-15 9410aa3 removed 'town' prefix to all commands to keep it a little more portable m455
2020-06-15 d810724 added a comment m455
2020-06-15 cbc8ae4 cleaned up the remove procedure m455
2020-06-15 4c491e4 Fixed a little bug that stopped you from removing item 1 m455
2020-06-15 c1da559 Fixed a few little use case thingers. very specific. i know m455
2020-06-15 3e7562c blah m455
2020-06-15 5e0757f Removed the need to make a file when listing a random message m455
2020-06-15 cf003bb Removed the need to make a file when listing a random message m455
2020-06-15 327c0cd fixed toc heading m455
2020-06-15 07bf5ca fixed error when no items are present anywhere m455
2020-06-15 e52b3a1 added a readme and a makefile m455
2020-06-15 6748e54 done! still have some stuff to clean up like multiple calls of (file->lines nicethings-path), but whatever! m455
2020-06-15 17528dd Finished writing the repair procedures. the second time? i think for real this time? m455
2020-06-14 da77be1 backing this mess up for now m455
2020-06-14 b3824ba finished writing the repair procedures m455
2020-06-13 b5d93d4 initial commit for racket-port m455
2020-06-13 c11a63d first commit for chicken port. looks like i'll need pattern matching available by defualt, so i may move this back over to racket haha m455
2020-01-20 2dbff6f updated readme m455
2020-01-20 9660848 updated readme m455
2019-11-03 009b9c5 pushing to codeberg and notabug m455
2019-09-02 0e99822 forgot to remove commented-out code m455
2019-09-02 fdc0c57 removed unused code: m455
2019-09-02 84c3cb7 pushing missed changes m455
2019-03-23 7d922e4 fixed file permissions m455
2019-03-23 f806dc0 changed license to AGPL m455
2019-01-27 0f12dac fixed list.txt path Jesse
2018-11-11 38c1e42 moved todo list to the top of the readme m455
2018-11-11 68fe040 added todos m455
2018-11-11 e0346d0 added todos m455
2018-11-11 e5a5a1c added todos m455
2018-08-08 e759a2f Update nicethings Jesse Laprade
2018-08-07 87bcfbb Update nicethings Jesse Laprade
2018-08-07 2f38fa0 Update nicethings Jesse Laprade
2018-08-07 40052d0 Update Jesse Laprade
2018-08-07 ca043fd fixed some messages m455
2018-08-07 9ee2436 added automatic chmod 666 for list m455
2018-08-07 456bf1f Update nicethings Jesse Laprade
2018-08-07 7957baa Update Jesse Laprade
2018-08-07 5e73f74 cleaned up a lot of things m455
2018-08-04 a16412e slowly cleaning things up m455
2018-07-29 ed25c9d Update Jesse Laprade
2018-05-27 e2d6667 Update m455
2018-05-27 5938091 Update m455
2018-03-13 04c1cc8 Update m455
2018-01-23 15d8319 Update m455
2017-11-20 36a3791 Update LICENSE m455
2017-10-02 ebac031 Update m455
2017-10-02 b23de3c Update m455
2017-09-08 94e2c78 changed wording m455
2017-09-02 01bb334 got rid of extra space after output 6455
2017-08-14 3ce8607 attempting to start a python program properly 6455
2017-08-04 28ca120 fixed a typo in the 6455
2017-08-04 1ddb4f6 i think i did it right this time, even though I don't know how to ignore still haha 6455