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  Jesse Laprade 8f8e5cb53c Updated makefile hace 2 días
  Jesse Laprade dff0e1ea3d Recompiled wg.lua hace 6 días
  Jesse Laprade 3c3630fc5b simplified a function hace 6 días
  Jesse Laprade c517bb2cef reverted hace 2 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 91860516ae Revert "uploading changes? apparently there we some??" hace 2 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 0077b74de8 uploading changes? apparently there we some?? hace 2 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 764ff0d444 Updated formatting on ffs hace 3 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 3643ec42db changed #s to lengths hace 3 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 4ed67c1922 Revert "updated all to to make things more readable" hace 3 semanas
  Jesse Laprade f467f2d29c updated all to to make things more readable hace 3 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 8556f21340 Fixed ffs issue hace 3 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 4142a29ecc Updated ffs hace 3 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 8ae155e4d4 Updated ffs hace 3 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 16fc1f3cbd Updated ffs hace 4 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 097c06acae Changed pairs that operated on sequences to ipairs instead hace 4 semanas
  Jesse Laprade 5d2bfb9861 Reformatted source code; updated help message to include source code URL hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade b2b513b8a6 Updated ffs hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade 1d6c4e5e4b Removed link to python website. everyone knows what python is hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade 6e6ffc4e09 Fixed indentation in commands section hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade 06b8bfeb38 Fixed indentation in commands section hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade baeb3895b9 Fixed indentation in quick start section hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade a3a91061a2 updated readme hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade 7c68310fd3 Moved source code into src directory, and provided an already-built wg.lua file for users hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade ec56fcff3e Added ffs and a compile option hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade ee28f41eb5 Removed redundant phrase hace 1 mes
  Jesse Laprade e299119c65 Improved the user experience by checking for missing files, empty build directory when building, cleaning, or serving hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 269ece5f50 Fixed wording on note hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 55ff546701 Fixed wording on note hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 52564f44c1 Added a useful note for custom directories hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 9349f3b367 removed init before build, since build doesn't work anyway if the required directories aren't there for building lol hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade ed4aab2257 Added (init) before building to check for required directories and files hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 084ea6faf1 Removed unused functions. hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 3e06daa0a5 Edited some functions and added new shell function to capture shell output hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 87417b62a8 made file-write more flexible by adding a mode parameter hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 2facc96ba1 Made a clear distinction for the else statement in the build function by adding a (when ...) hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade da21e02ea0 Added a message if no commands are given hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 50b02e4cd8 Fixed indentation hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade c97f7d5a94 Added some functions for the future hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade ccd061f480 Removed old comment hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 12add64a6c Fixed path formatting in readme hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade d3e32dabf8 Added python requirement just in case hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade b079f83194 Bolded a note hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 1fb51c7f44 Updated readme hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 44e2f49f79 Added note about styling hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade e6929d48fc Surrounded title in quotes in header hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade eb5087d63f Added agpl3 license hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 8685e59976 I think i'm done?? hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 8446619d75 removed comment about convert ignoring empty directories, because it turns out it didnt? hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade 8e8d67cd1d Removed file-create from file-write hace 2 meses
  Jesse Laprade de7a891e92 blep hace 2 meses