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No longer in development

A perl script to adjust the brightness so you don't have to type a long file path everytime you want to change the brightness.

I made this because I couldn't get xbacklight working on my laptop. I also wanted to make a shortcut key for changing brightness and this was my solution.


sudo cp plight /usr/local/bin/

sudo plight set <number>

sudo plight inc <number>

sudo plight dec <number>

sudo plight current

sudo plight help

Usage without using sudo or root

I've just added an entry to root's crontab to allow regular users to edit the brightness file: sudo crontab -e then add @reboot chmod o+rw /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness and save.

If you do this, you could always just put the plight script in your $PATH and then you would'nt have to worry about putting it in /usr/local/bin :).


Your path to the "brightness" file may differ depending on your computer.