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Grey2 Openbox theme

A flat, grey take on the famous Bear2 theme.


This theme aims to:

  • Have Bear2's clean look
  • Be less dark than the Nightmare theme
  • Be less pixelated than the Nightmare theme.
  • Go well with dark GTK themes.


An lxappearance preview of Grey2:

An lxappearance preview of Grey2

A screenshot of Grey2 being used on a desktop:

A screenshot of Grey2 being used on a desktop

The photo being used as the wallpaper in the image above was taken by


  • Openbox
  • lxappearance


  1. Run git clone
  2. Run lxappearance
  3. Click Window Border, as seen in Figure 1 below. Figure 1
  4. Click Install a new theme..., as seen in Figure 2 below. Figure 2
  5. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the Grey2 theme, as seen in Figure 3 below. Figure 3
  6. Click the Grey2.obt file, as seen in Figure 4 below. Figure 4
  7. Click OK, as seen in Figure 5 below. Figure 5
  8. Click Grey2, as seen in Figure 6 below. Figure 6
  9. Click Apply, as seen in Figure 7 below. Figure 7