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Emacs evil-mode starter kit

A starter kit for Vim users who want to try Emacs using Vim's key bindings and macros.

This document consists of the following sections:


  • Git
  • Emacs

Using the starter kit

This starter kit includes configurations for package management and a Vim-like experience.

To use the starter kit

  1. Run git clone && cp emacs-for-vim-users/.emacs ~/.
  2. Run Emacs.
  3. Run :e ~/.emacs
  4. Run :package-list-packages
  5. M-x k
  6. Run :eval-buffer (On the ~/.emacs buffer)

Note: You can replace any M-x commands in Emacs with Vim-style commands, and Vim-style commands with M-x commands. For example, M-x load-theme can be replaced with :load-theme.