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Date Ref Log Author
2023-01-22 dbe100d brought back markdown, to make this a more of a general-use project m455
2023-01-22 3850dac test m455
2023-01-20 b6e793c updated dependencies in makefile m455
2023-01-20 2aa7030 removed trailing slashes from template m455
2023-01-19 f85eebe cleanup m455
2023-01-19 9977f75 split into multiple files, code and readme cleanup m455
2023-01-19 14ae5e9 new homemade parser and removed some dependencies! Jesse Laprade
2022-10-18 065f1e0 renamed variables, globals, and constants with consistent and visually-different notation Jesse Laprade
2022-10-16 53ffeea updated docs Jesse Laprade
2022-10-16 b3d7c86 updated readme to include mention of posts in the features section Jesse Laprade
2022-10-16 cde1246 added template for posts page. breaking changes as well, but i'm too tired to document them properly. at least i updated the readme? Jesse Laprade
2022-10-16 9d793d8 changed variable names and updated config file names Jesse Laprade
2022-10-16 10bb8b4 renamed some variables Jesse Laprade
2022-10-16 19a636f made config file a little more human friendly Jesse Laprade
2022-09-04 22706c5 fixed anchor links in rss feed Jesse Laprade
2022-08-19 5e8ce70 added ability to customize posts page title Jesse Laprade
2022-08-18 ce5b644 changed date format in posts so it sorts posts that were made on the same day properly haha Jesse Laprade
2022-08-16 5d09dce added message saying build directory is being cleared Jesse Laprade
2022-08-16 e6f45aa Added new clean-build-dir? config file setting Jesse Laprade
2022-08-10 2eeba15 blah Jesse Laprade
2022-08-10 5eec855 blep Jesse Laprade
2022-08-10 26e41e6 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2022-08-10 6dfd176 updated readme Jesse Laprade
2022-08-08 f142550 i think this is version 1?? Jesse Laprade
2022-08-03 8357c6e blah Jesse Laprade
2022-08-02 81315b2 blep Jesse Laprade
2022-08-02 60b9a13 blep Jesse Laprade
2022-08-02 575425e progress! just checking for bugs. noticed that links for each heading aren't created. oh well? Jesse Laprade
2022-07-12 334db0b i think this thing works?? Jesse Laprade
2022-07-11 be563b4 wip Jesse Laprade
2022-07-06 047a875 progresss Jesse Laprade
2022-07-05 82c5be7 ahhhh generates rss feeds now Jesse Laprade
2022-07-04 ef94313 last minute pushes before bed: implemented my own template-populating string procedure and made it more convenient Jesse Laprade
2022-07-03 be36583 i dont even know Jesse Laprade
2022-07-02 afde22a cleaned up more stuff Jesse Laprade
2022-07-02 bac5c39 cleaned up some stuff Jesse Laprade
2022-07-01 51e36a0 cleanup Jesse Laprade
2022-07-01 110aea8 small updates Jesse Laprade
2022-07-01 8b4b6d6 more cleanup Jesse Laprade
2022-07-01 f465dec templating works! now for rss Jesse Laprade
2022-06-30 fcba861 removed old comments Jesse Laprade
2022-06-30 948851c progress! Jesse Laprade
2022-06-29 523ed15 got markdown to html working Jesse Laprade
2022-06-28 7d70586 bloop Jesse Laprade
2022-06-28 0e9643a working on the build command Jesse Laprade
2022-06-28 9148fd8 blah Jesse Laprade
2022-06-28 37cb158 um Jesse Laprade
2022-06-27 0b5c3df removed old files Jesse Laprade
2022-06-27 04d7805 fixed merge conflicts Jesse Laprade
2022-06-27 7c5df50 wip Jesse Laprade
2022-06-27 232b0f0 wip Jesse Laprade
2021-12-28 a20cdcb starting a fresh redo lol Jesse Laprade
2021-12-28 5b813e0 - merged two functions into one to avoid repetition - updated the readme and added a checksum Jesse Laprade
2021-12-28 5580ec0 first commit Jesse Laprade