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Date Ref Log Author
2021-01-21 cc60aa3 attempting to fix a bug Jesse Laprade
2021-01-21 7e73b89 fixed unclosed bracket Jesse Laprade
2021-01-21 29932cd replaced several items with icollect/collect Jesse Laprade
2021-01-17 536d6dd added credits in comments Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 fe4961f Improved formatting Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 dbed5bd Revert "Removed file->lines because it does the same thing as (io.lines some-file.txt)" Jesse Laprade
2020-12-20 e9e1379 Removed file->lines because it does the same thing as (io.lines some-file.txt) Jesse Laprade
2020-12-19 d219874 Removed redundant let binding from file->lines Jesse Laprade
2020-12-08 f9d202b Fixed issue with file->lines Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 91f1f48 Changed the format of the TOC and removed section overview in function reference to reduce noise Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 a6c5677 Removed accidentally generator sub headings Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 1d149df Cleaned up toc by changing example headings into inline, bolded text Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 fc3527e Added some details Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 de0f7eb Updated bold convention wording Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 01728c6 Updated reasoning section Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 a416fc5 Added a reasoning section to the readme Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 7b69d9e renamed table of contents Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 dd003ef Added some document conventions Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 f706a69 Reformatted type descriptions and added return types to the list Jesse Laprade
2020-11-27 ceb02b3 Added function documentation Jesse Laprade
2020-11-26 b37918d Added an example to the readme, and a note in the source code Jesse Laprade
2020-11-26 2c4717c Renamed file-missing to paths-missing and added modes to choose between files, directories, and paths (files or directories) Jesse Laprade
2020-11-26 2e2958e made (shell ...) return a sequence, instead of just the first item Jesse Laprade
2020-11-26 aa21ebe Simplified file->lines Jesse Laprade
2020-11-08 e42b10f first commit Jesse Laprade